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Last night I became motivated and cleared out a significant bag of dvds from my collection. Today I took it over to the local cd/record/dvd/book joint and they took most of the stack for $40 of store credit. I am pleased enough as I didn't care for any of the dvds and can use the credit for more records... was a bit down that someone had long ago bought the vinyl copy of the Forbidden Planet soundtrack, but I'm sure I will find something later. Instead I purchased a copy of The Golden Bough as a "jail book" or "bus book"... one of those hefty texts you carry around as a just in case if ever stuck on a bus or in jail and might need something to do... not that I think anyone of my own upstanding character would ever end up in jail.

I cleaned out a stack of books long ago, but am feeling the desire to do so again as well as dispose of some tshirts, etc that I don't feel attached to in any way. I guess spring is here and with it, the longing to clean out dusty corners and overfilled closets.

On the other hand, my growing hoard of surgical instruments and accessories has me pleased. I am currently searching for a dress form to place my surgeon's gown on alongside the pair of 1910 surgeon's shoes I acquired and schell bag. I'm sure I will creep myself out for a significant amount of time thinking someone is in my home when I come in in the dark, but it will look so so nice.

I have a pretty sizable pile of art projects and music I need to be working on. The most important is my getting things together for the Here/Now series March 10. This will be a radically different environment for me, and whereas I am looking forward to it, there is quite a bit of worry and fretting going on. I am going to spend the better part of this week not playing around and working seriously on it. I also need to focus on the third album and, hopefully, getting more shows lined up. Then there's the art pieces... two major large ones [three if you count my completing the refinishing of my victorian coffin] and a few art frames needing work.

Haha... I should make a priorities list with the art pieces and stop my daily coming home from surgery and passing out... coffee will probably be figured into these equations. =)