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The Perils of Collecting Morbid Antiquities and How to Clean a Hooter

I recently decided to start taking a small break from buying and reselling antiques to doing things more for myself. I have been neglecting my sketchbook, the medical shadowbox frame art piece I've needed to finish, the skull saint art piece, various headpieces... my music... *sigh*

I need to go back to the art supply store [was there last week, but got so caught up in getting the framing supplies for my Harry Clarke original that I forgot everything else] for the velvet backing and some quilt padding for the shadowbox. Once I cutdown a new plywood backing, it shouldn't take me long to get the box made. After that it is all about assembly, heh.

With the weather turning, I am eager to start seriously working on artwork as it is perfect to keep my mind busy when days might be less than ideal for going out in...

... then again, it seems like prices have taken another upswing in the realm of morbid antiquities. I just can't find the deals like before. Oh, I find a piece here and there with some serious digging [scored a hospital instrument tray at a garage sale last weekend], but the choicest pieces have sometimes price tags far beyond retail value on them. Even if I am just buying for my own personal collection, this is unreasonable to me.

One of the newest additions [and biggest prize] in my collection is my owl mount. It came to me from a couple living in a wood stove heated house and from another couple in a similar house before them. He was well smoked, but thanks to some research, I acquired a bottle of glass cleaner for wood stoves and got quite a bit of the gunk off of him. He is still a bit darker than normal, but looks far brighter and fluffier. I'm going to leave him alone now. Wiped him down well with some distilled water then blow dried him using a toothbrush to brush his head and breast down. Adorable. The fellow asked me if I wouldn't mind sending a photo to him when I got some cleaning done to him, so I will probably send him a photo tomorrow. =)