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bathed in silver... or drowned in gold

So this is her journal... she is a young woman with exceptionally large curly hair, wears primarily monochrome colours, and is an experimental musician. She likes very long socks, pots of hot tea, the stuffy smell of books, and the company of truly cultured gentlemen with a delicate palate when it comes to cuisine blended with a libertine's vocabulary. She likes people who do not fit the norm as far as their mode of style... but do it *with* style. She is a little deaf and near blind in direct sun so thrives in cold, peaceful environments lacking much sunlight. As of late, she is most often found in cold operating rooms deep inside hospitals, in sterile fields, or buried in textbooks. Her mannerisms, refined... her adornments, excessive... her imagination, boundless... her humour, black...

She is a burning neutron star at the center of her ever expanding universe.

23, absinthe, affection, alchemy, aldous huxley, anatomical venus, antique typewriters, antlers, atheism, bebe barron, being myself, birds, black moth super rainbow, blade runner, blasphemy, blue crystal, bone saws, books, boots, bruce sterling, caffeine, chuck palahniuk, circuit-bending, coil, corsetry, course of empire, creme brulee, curry, cuttlefish, dark ambient, deconstruction, devendra banhart, dino valls, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, einsturzende neubauten, electronic voice phenomenon, enlightenment, eternalism, european cinema, existentialism, experimental cinema, experimental music, experimental musicians, experimental nonsense, fever ray, fin de siècle, foreign films, fritz lang, fulcanelli, george meek, ghost orchid, gloom, harsh noise, hauntology, hp lovecraft, hunter s. thompson, ian svenonius, iannis xenakis, j.g. ballard, jacques derrida, jean baudrillard, jellyfish, jesu, jill tracy, joe frank, keyser soze, konstantin raudive, lars von trier, liquid electricity, liquid sky, louis barron, marshall mcluhan, medical devices, medical ephemera, michel foucault, my bloody valentine, naught for 3, noise, numbers stations, occultism, odd fetishes, ontology, open source resistance, originality, outsider art, paris, paul laffoley, pescetarianism, philip k. dick, pink and black, pirate radio, post-modernism, poststructuralism, ray caesar, razor and blade, rennie sparks, revolt of the masses, richard dawkins, robert anton wilson, roses, rudy rucker, san francisco, seattle, seitan, set fire to flames, silence, simon marsden, sloths, soundscapes, spiricom, stargazer lilies, stars, stars of the lid, superjail, surrealism, sushi, sutures, syringes, talking without speaking, tea, tea rose, teapots, terry gilliam, the black angels, the drinky crow show, the handsome family, the knife, the mighty boosh, the psychic soviet, the tiger lillies, thomas pynchon, threshold houseboys choir, tofu, travel, valerie solanas, victorian mourning, vietnam flashbacks, vlf recordings, wilhelm reich, william basinski, william gibson, wine, wire, wounded infidel, yukio mishima, zbigniew karkowski